Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Did Adeboye Betray Bakare?

On the 2nd of May 2011, I wrote on my blog: http://kalig-gwegwe.blogspot a piece titled, “Bakare: A clergy that will not wait to hear from God.” After I posted this piece on my facebook platform, some responded with dismay. Their arguments were hinged on the fact that Pastor Tunde Bakare was a Man of God and should therefore not be questioned. But if I may ask: Who is a Man of God? Is it the one who consults men rather than God? Clearly, Pastor Tunde Bakare of the Later Rain Assembly rather than seek God’s opinion, ran to fellow human beings for advice.

Only yesterday (16th May), the Nigerian Compass published a distasteful news article with the caption, “Pastor Adeboye told me to run with Buhari.” From all intent and purpose, Tunde Bakare was simply blackmailing Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. The message he wanted the world to believe was that Pastor Adeboye betrayed him by asking him to run with Buhari only for he (Adeboye) to turn around to bless President Goodluck Jonathan some few weeks later.

To make matter worse, Pastor Bakare was reported to have threatened to expose the presidential flag bearer of the ACN, Nuhu Ribadu alleging that his anti-corruption credentials were doubtful. The questions begging for answers are: Why did he cover the sins of Ribadu while he revealed those of other candidates? Did he think the supposed merger talks between ACN and CPC will benefit him personally? Rather than keep quiet forever, he decided to spill the beans because his political ambition has crashed at least for now. This is not the character of a presidential material.
It’s necessary to note that Pastor Adeboye is very matured. That was why he didn’t ask Bakare to drop his political ambition. Adeboye had seen desperation written boldly on the face of Pastor Bakare. Advising him against his presidential ambition would have attracted Adeboye insults from the fiery preacher of the Later Rain Assembly. The best thing Adeboye did was to allow him drown in his own arrogance. Despite the enormous powers on his shoulders, Christ was humble and logical whenever he had reasons to pursue a different opinion from that of others.

I have the feeling that Adeboye was shocked when Bakare sought his opinion concerning the vice presidential offer from Buhari. In the first place, Adeboye knows that he is not God. Fundamentally, he must have expected Bakare to seek the mind of God- not him. But knowing how fiery Bakare could be, Adeboye played safe by asking him to go ahead. It was wisdom.

Let no one, including Pastor Tunde Bakare blame Pastor Enoch Adeboye. He only applied wisdom to send a strong message across to all true Men of God: Rely on God only. Men of God should not give their calling a bad name. Rather than blackmail Pastor Adeboye, Bakare should go down on his knees and beg God for forgiveness. He should also apologise to his numerous followers and admirers. Let him bury his ego and do this fast. There is no pride in God’s kingdom.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bakare: A clergy that will not wait to hear from God

Not minding the fact that men have openly attempted to take over the position of selecting political leaders from God, the point still remains that power belongs to Him. God gives and takes away political power from whoever He wishes and at any time He so desire. This is responsible for the many unpredictable developments in the polity of nations all over the world. Even at this, many have failed to see the hand of God in the selection of political leaders. The fact that many political leaders have failed to live up to expectations does not in any way cancel God’s role.

It was the above reason that many were shocked when Pastor Tunde Bakare of the Latter Rain Assembly took a plunge into mainstream politics. While this writer is of the opinion that clergies are not forbidden from politics, events have shown that the fiery preacher did not hear from God before accepting the offer of a vice presidential slot from Gen Mohammadu Buhari. The result of the April 16th presidential polls has confirmed this.

To a very large extent, many have been tempted to rush to conclude that Pastor Bakare was deceived by the wide support he enjoyed from his Save Nigeria Group (SNG) campaign. As good as the intentions of the SNG were, many had expected him to stay on the touchline like coaches normally do during football matches. Perhaps, he was discouraged by Goodluck Jonathan’s declaration that he has “no enemies to fight.” There was therefore no reason for him to contemplate being on the sideline to coach the president. No doubt, Bakare has lost many of his admirers. He might lose some of his followers in the weeks, months, and years to come.
Even as a spirit, God is not secretive. We must appreciate the important fact that God does not do anything without first revealing same to those concerned through one or more of His messengers. I cannot recall any of God’s envoys talking about a clergy sitting on the Nigerian presidency in 2011.

More than that, the fact was quite obvious that Gen. Buhari and Pastor Bakare were millions of miles apart in ideology. It would then be easy for one to argue that their union was built purely on the faulty foundation of desperation. The duo was out to use any means possible to dislodge the PDP- not Jonathan from the presidency. As painted by the result of the presidential election, very many people in the opposition gladly isolated Jonathan from the ruling PDP. In politics, this is unexplainable and seems to have some divine attachment. On the other hand; even if the CPC had won the April 16th presidential polls, the presidency wouldn’t have lasted the first 12 months. Buhari and Bakare would have easily rubbished the Obasanjo-Atiku record of presidential acrimony.

For a nation with very deep religious sentiments, Nigeria needs only leaders with moderate spiritual convictions. This was a big minus for the CPC. Assuming that the CPC won the presidential election; there is this fertile fact that many of Bakare’s followers would have rebelled against him the moment he buries his fire-brand religious beliefs in the grave of politics. In the case of Buhari, countless citizens believe that a leopard cannot change its spots. Many Nigerian families, communities, and businesses have not recovered from the hurt that was caused then by the Buhari-led military regime in the early 80s.

Furthermore, the greatest charge against both Buhari and Bakare are their inability to appreciate the honour that is attached to the presidency. This was several displayed by their arrogance and high temperament. Gen. Buhari was alleged to have urged his supporters to lynch whoever that was believed to have rigged the election. The same thing goes for Pastor Bakare that fueled the theory of Wild-Wild-North. What do they make of the judiciary?

Good leaders are supposed to be humble and economical with hate-words and insults. Buhari and Bakare quickly forgot that a greater percentage of the Nigerian population have come of age. As insignificant as it had appeared; while Jonathan and Sambo were busy boasting about their antecedence with humility, the duet of Buhari and Bakare spent a greater amount of their campaign time pouring venom not just on PDP but on the person of Jonathan and Obasanjo. At the end, the CPC only succeeded in telling Nigerians that it will fight corruption, introduce effective security network, improve on power supply, raise the standard of education, provide improved health care services, and guarantee a robust road infrastructure. There was nothing different from what the PDP has been saying.

To many Nigerian voters, what actually separated PDP from the CPC was the composure- maturity of Goodluck Jonathan and Namadi Sambo. There was never a time they rubbished other political parties or abused the personalities of their political opponents even at the height of provocation. Take the case of Rev. Chris Okotie, founder of Household of God Church and presidential candidate on the platform of FRESH Democratic Party who posited that as a zoologist, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan was not grounded for political leadership. In rejecting the results of the presidential polls, Okotie even went on to call for the setting up of an interim government. This was clearly trillion of miles away from the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. What manner of leaders does Nigerians really deserve? Use your tongue to count your teeth.